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PAYE for NanniesThe best value payroll service
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Nanny Tax and National Insurance Calculations from PAYE for Nannies Ltd

For only £135 per annum for monthly pay or £230 per annum for weekly pay (including VAT) PAYE for Nannies offers a first class, fully featured payroll service. We will set up a PAYE scheme with HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf, calculate your nanny tax and National Insurance and provide weekly or monthly payslips.

Our payroll service is not restricted solely to nanny employers. We are happy to run a service for any type of domestic employee, including Housekeepers, Chauffeurs and Gardeners. We also provide services to small businesses that have a requirement for a simple low cost payroll service for their employees.

We have been offering our service since 1998, have just under five thousand satisfied current clients and have a great deal of experience in all aspects of nanny tax and payroll services. Our service offers clients ALL the benefits offered by other payroll providers PLUS extended opening hours.

For a full description of the payroll service, please see Our nanny tax and payroll service.

The payroll service is very comprehensive and includes:

  • Unlimited support on all nanny tax, employment and payroll issues.
  • A specimen contract which will show you what a typical nanny contract looks like.
  • Information and guidance on contractual issues from our contract specialist.
  • Provision of legal information for any difficult employment issues.
  • Electronic filing of returns.
  • Extended opening hours so you can talk to us in the evenings as well as during the day.
New prospective employers should visit the RTI page to ensure they understand the fundamental changes HM Revenue and Customs made to the PAYE system in April 2013 and how this affects negotiations with any new employee. Please note - the new rules mean you cannot wait until the nanny has started before setting up the payroll. HMRC need to be notified BEFORE any payment has been made. If this is not done, you will be breaking the HMRC rules and they are likely to apply immediate penalties! As HM Revenue can take up to 2 weeks to set up a new PAYE scheme you should register with us AT LEAST 4 weeks before the nanny is due to be paid for the first time or you will be risking HM Revenue penalties.

To allow you a risk-free choice when you decide to sign up for our services, PAYE for Nannies will offer a full refund of any fee paid for the payroll service within the first 30 days if, for any reason, you feel we have disappointed you. In addition, we will not make any charges for helping you move your account to any other payroll provider within this period.

We offer a friendly, reliable service with over four thousand satisfied clients. We are happy to take on payroll schemes which have previously been run by other payroll providers, at no extra cost. Why pay more?

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